The nuts and bolts of the success of fair trade: The training of the stand!

Posted by Abdullah Abdul Aziz | Monday, May 16, 2011

If you exhibit at trade shows? Why are you doing? Because the competition is there and they can hardly afford not to be present? To maintain the brand image? To find new customers? In order to make sales?

One thing is certain: A fair is too expensive and labor intensive to use non-direct.

Behavior of state personnel decisions

If the type of family? Walking through the show moves into the luxury cabins, where the government employs people and she seems to be that while visitors are still exclamation point, but then go fast. The higher the level, the more one gets the impression that employees are in groups together, instead of reaching potential customers. But people who represent the company to date, the fair successful. The most beautiful stand is useless if visitors feel welcome, not welcome.

The alpha and omega of success in the show is therefore thorough preparation booth personnel. First, it is a conference of the objectives of fair trade. Employees must know what is expected of them all. It is often used to measure cold calling, and that personal contact on a support are clear benefits compared to a cold call. In this case, it is necessary to establish as many contacts in no time. Your staff should Ansprechtechniken good.

Success: Precise and questions focused

Especially when you make mistakes in touch. The initial question stereotypical, "I can help you?" is trivial and often automatically answer "no, let's look around." Precise and focused questions, to be replaced. Each employee has been with the company and in a few words, so imagine that the visitor is curious and is survived by his contact details for further talks. This is an elevator pitch call, which can be prepared and practiced.

It is true that, one day at the cabin can be very exhausting. But it can be fun and motivating work if employees can combine the results.