Google opens the wallet

Posted by Abdullah Abdul Aziz | Monday, May 30, 2011

As expected, the U. S. Internet giant Google is with partners such as Citibank and MasterCard electronic payment system with mobile NFC (Near Field Communication) is a. The "Google Wallet" (bag) said the service is currently being tested in a field trial was introduced in the U.S. in the summer, the company said. "The mobile phone becomes a wallet, promised manager Stephanie Tilenius Google on Thursday in New York.

With Google Wallet, which involved U.S. citizens throughout the country to pay with your phone to the terminals provided by MasterCard PayPass system. The NFC chip in mobile broadcast in an area with a guaranteed payment information stored in the chip card holder if the text remains at the terminal. The PayPass system has been used for credit cards with NFC chip.

To use, first a Google phone with the NFC chip is necessary: the product manufactured by Samsung Nexus S. The Internet company provides a prepaid card payment service can also assist owners initially only to a Citibank Mastercard credit card. Other partners include network operators Sprint and payment services, First Data in the same boat. Google invites other banks or card providers expressly to participate in the system.

About the payment function will also be able to Google the portfolio belonging to management with a phone application also PIN-protected smart credit cards and loyalty and coupons. The barcode coupons can be scanned and stored as the smartphone in Google's portfolio. In the next transaction at the dealership in question, the bond will be redeemed on demand. Among the first partners are the U.S. trade Department store chain Macy's, retail outlets and American fast food Subway pharmacies Green Wall.

With the first service it never shows "Google offers" the Internet giant to compete with the negotiation Groupon portal booming. Users will receive special offers directly to your e-mail. "Google Offers" begins in the summer in U.S. cities New York, San Francisco and Portland and then expanded.

Wireless technology, "Near Field Communication (NFC) has been the longest, and plans for mobile payment systems with this technology are not new. The German railway tests with Touch & Travel" since 2008 NFC system payroll for train travel. The Telekom is working on a mobile payment system with NFC phones. If this is so far announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) was launched in February this year, but is questionable.

For though the NFC technology and infrastructure for the services provided long break, mobile payment systems difficult. Despite the NFC was one of the hottest topics of the MWC this year, but they are the NFC phones in our part of an oddity - Google S Nexus is one of those exceptions. But even if all future smartphones to put a chip, is a paid service of a variety of interests and companies to bring under one roof, all of which were wins. This is a serious negotiation can take some time.